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Welcome to Endofighter.com

This is a portal dedicated to all my "causes" I have worked so hard on. 
This is more then just about Endometriosis, but also about other things in my life that have made me who I am. 
I felt everyone just needed one place to come to and learn as well as get support. 
This is more then some web page on the internet, this is a HOME.

Everyone has a story to tell about themselves and what they been through. 
Please feel free to share with others through this website by clicking on "News Submission" on the left. 
If you need help in doing so please let us know and we can help you.

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If you are in Virginia and looking for a Support Group, please visit my other site:
EndoCenter of Fredericksburg

About Endofighter and Endofighter.com

My name is Marina G. I have endometriosis, which is a disease where the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, that is shed each month, is found outside the uterus into other areas of the body. Being diagnosed with Endometriosis was just the start of a whole new life for me. I was also diagnosed later with Fibromyalgia, PCOS with Insulin Resistance, as well as finally being diagnosed ADHD. I have become a fighter for all causes as well as a fighter for our US Military.

To give you a little history, I was married in 1995 to a member of the US Army. I also was to have joined myself, but we became pregnant with our first child. After I had her, when we were trying for our second child, I started having a lot of pain and had our first miscarriage. After then is when I was diagnosed (you can read more detail under Marina R and her Endometriosis Experiences found under Contents) with Endometriosis. I continued to have miscarriages, and that was when my marriage started to fall apart little by little. In search of answers about Endometriosis, and if it was leading to my miscarriages, I came upon the Endometriosis Research Center.  It was there I felt I had found my answers, and so many people who were also going through, or had been through exactly what I was at the time. I then chose, after learning as much as I could, that NO ONE would EVER feel like they were alone in their fight for education and empowerment again.  I then became known as "EndoFighter" which to me means I will fight this and will never let it or anything else keep me down again.

I had then became a volunteer for the ERC and had not stopped since. I did start going through a lot of things, such as being diagnosed with the other health problems, and my then husband was deployed to Iraq with the 101st "Screaming Eagles." Throughout all he and I were going through I still always stood by him and supported his career in the Army totally and fully. Though now we are divorced, my support for our US Armed Forces will NEVER fade. I was born to the military, wanted to serve in the military, though instead married to the military, and I will die supporting the military.

Now that you have read a little bit about me here please feel free to learn more about my life and what lead me to each of my causes. You can find my "stories" as well as others, under the News Topics link to your left. Under Contents you can find really good articles, and more stories, that I felt needed to be shared. I will be updating and adding more every chance I get. You can also feel free to add yours as well by becoming a member of this site, which is free to do so, just takes a few minutes. That way you can also let the world know...NO ONE is ALONE.

Thank you!!!!!